Understanding Pain

Modern research concludes that pain is an experience that cannot be separated from the body itself. Each individual patient’s mental state, encompassing their surrounding environment and cultural background – has a major effect on the pain that their body perceives.

Pain experts divide the physical causes of pain into two types: Nociceptive and Neuropathic pain. Nociceptors are the nerves which sense and respond to parts of the body that suffer from damage by transmitting pain signals to the brain. This may occur from sprains, bone fractures, burns, bumps, bruises, among others. This type of pain is usually localised and constant with a throbbing effect. Typically, Nociceptive pain will resolve on it’s own when the area concerned has healed.

Alternatively, Neuropathic pain is typically the result of an injury or malfunction in the peripheral or central nervous system. Many components of cancer pain, phantom limb pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and widespread nerve damage are all examples. Often, this pain can have the characteristics of a burn, or electric shock.

It is our understanding that fibromyalgia is a type of Neuropathic pain, and that a variety of differing treatments such as medicines, injections and other mind-body therapies can prove to be significantly beneficial.


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