We are incredibly honoured that our wonderful patients have taken the time to share their thoughts about our clinic and the services they’ve received from our highly experienced and devoted private care team.

My Fibromyalgia made it too painful for me to work anymore, and my whole family suffered for it. I was desperate and hopeless, unable to do anything for myself or my loved ones. That is, until I found The Fibro Clinic. I now feel like a new person, free from pain, and ready to live each day to the max. I never thought i’d be able to go back to work – but here I am! Thank you so much.


The Fibro Clinic has turned my world right side up again. I used to wake up every morning in pain and could never see a light at the end of the tunnel. Under your care I have seen relief I could never have dreamed of. I sleep well at night, and I live well all day. I’ve never felt better, and it’s all thanks to you and your wonderful team.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Jenner for his compassionate and expert care. He stopped at nothing to find me relief from the pain that has plagued me for years. In my mind, he is truly a godsend and has enabled me to enjoy my life to the fullest once more. To anyone suffering with pain – Dr Jenner will help you. I can’t recommend him enough.


I had lived with chronic pain for so long, that I think I actually forgot what it felt like to just be normal. This all changed when Dr Jenner introduced me to trigger point injections. I can honestly say that my pain issues have been reduced dramatically. I can now do the simplest things I haven’t done in years – and I can’t thank you enough.


I am so happy to report that I have seen wonderful results with the medicines prescribed by Dr Jenner and have had no adverse side effects. The treatment has proved truly incredible and life changing as I feel like I am finally living my normal life once again. I cannot thank you enough for the careful and expert treatment I have received in your care.


Dr Jenner and Maxine Rodriguez have given me my life back and I can clearly see now after 18 months under their care how my life will get completely back to normal.


Turning to the Fibro Clinic for help was the best decision I have made in many years. The first consultation was arranged quickly. I had to fill in a form beforehand and the consultation itself focused on a thorough diagnostic process, at the end of which I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

I started taking Pregabalin about a week after the first consultation and increased the dose over a period of 8 weeks. The effect was enormous. Already during the first week, the whole-body ache reduced drastically and my movements improved. I now walk my dog without a stick; I can wait in queues; I can do household chores and some gardening. Pregabalin also stabilised my mood. Overall, I feel as well as in my twenties. I sleep well without major interruptions and wake after a good night’s sleep.  There were some temporary side effects such as drowsiness and lack of concentration, which started with every increase of the dose, but subsided within a week.

In addition to the treatment with Pregabalin, other painful ailments such as Plantar Fasciitis were dealt with swiftly and efficiently including cortisone-injections and physiotherapy.

Without pain, I am a new person.

The Fibro clinic is one of the best organised clinics I have come across. The biggest advantage is their interdisciplinary approach: They work as a team focusing on the needs of a patient rather than concentrating on narrowly defined areas of specialisms. I cannot but sing the praise of these highly efficient, friendly, helpful and patient-centred health professionals.



I had suffered upper body pain in my shoulders, neck and arms for nearly five years. Despite attending my local GP who sent me for several tests and investigations I was not diagnosed with anything that would cause such pain, in fact I was told by one doctor that the pain was all in my head.

I had become pretty desperate to find some relief from the constant pain which was affecting my everyday life and mental health. I decided to seek help from a pain specialist. Although I live in Scotland I decided to visit Dr Jenner’s clinic after looking online.

I visited Dr Jenner who diagnosed fibromyalgia within a matter of minutes into the consultation.  He prescribed Pregabalin and suggested I see Maxine for physiotherapy. The advice I was given by both of these people has turned my life around and allowed me to live life free of pain. Thank you for your professional service and helpful staff. I can certainly recommend this clinic to anyone who needs help to ease their pain.


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