Blog: Living With Fibromyalgia

Alternative Therapies for Fibromyalgia: Acupuncture, Yoga, and More

Pain Doctors place a great deal of emphasis on multifaceted treatments and therapies to help those suffering from fibromyalgia live their best lives. This long-term condition, which involves widespread musculoskeletal pain that generates feelings of…
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Understanding the Fibromyalgia Pain Scale: A Guide for Patients

When you book an in-person or on-line consultation with a Pain Doctor who specialises in Fibromyaligia, they will explain that in the UK, there are mandatory criteria which are used to ascertain each individual patient's…
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Fibromyalgia and Sleep: Strategies for Better Rest

As any Fibromyalgia Pain Specialist will tell you: "Getting a good night’s sleep is a critical part of managing daily pain & preventing flare-ups. But all that pain can also make it harder to fall…
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Exercise and Fibromyalgia: Finding the Right Balance

A Fibromyalgia Pain Doctor will tell you that: "neuromuscular alterations caused by fibromyalgia, can cause a risk of disability, as well as an increased risk of falls & injuries. For this reason, muscle strength training…
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Fibromyalgia Symptoms in Females

"Women are more likely to develop fibromyalgia than men. They also typically experience more severe symptoms. Fibromyalgia symptoms in women can include fatigue, pain throughout the body, digestive issues,& more. Studies show that women with…
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Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Criteria

"Fibromyalgia causes widespread pain & tenderness. The pain and tenderness tend to come & go, & move about the body. It is usually associated with poor sleep & is strongly associated with migraine & irritable…
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What it is like to live with Fibromyalgia?

  I am a retired Author and Producer of large creative events and most recently a Paper Maker, Sculptor and Workshop Leader. My husband always said that I metamorphosised at various times throughout life. We…
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Two-thirds of those with fibromyalgia also have depression

New research was carried out by NewLifeOutlook in order to better understand it's fibromyalgia community members. The online poll sampled 671 people, all diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the results have provided a valuable insight into…
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I’ve Been Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia… Now What? 

It is thought that nearly 1 in 20 people are affected by fibromyalgia. Of these, a considerable 80-90% of those affected are women. This complex condition can rear its head suddenly and be tricky to…
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Fibromyalgia: Getting A Good Night's Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation carried out a survey of adults in the U.S to ask about their sleep patterns and experience of pain. The survey found strong links between pain and sleep which is particularly relevant…
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