Please note that X-Rays, MRI’s, blood & other tests or screening of any kind are NOT included in the Consultation fee.

Insured Patients

We welcome all Insured Patients. Our Consultants are recognised by all major Insurance companies. Prices for Insured Patients are determined by your Insurance Plan. (Please refer to Appendix A).

Prices for Self-Funding Patients

All fees are payable by credit or debit card at the time of booking, thank you.

Initial Consultation 30 minutes £285
Follow-up Consultations (by telephone or in clinic) 15 minutes £160

Trigger Point Injections
(procedure code T7292)

30 minutes £400
(Please refer to Appendix C) Plus £175 per vial of Botox (if used)  
Private Prescription Fee
(Please refer to Appendix B)

Any procedures undertaken at No 9 Harley Street consulting rooms are subject to a No 9 Harley Street facility fee of £75.00. 

All fees are payable by credit or debit card at the time of booking, thank you. (Please refer to Appendix D).
PLEASE NOTE that all prices are subject to regular review [last reviewed June 2015].


All appointments, injections and laboratory tests for seeing a Private Consultant for the treatment of acute pain (the medical terms are ‘neuropathic’ pain or ‘hyper analgesia’) who has had an NHS position are usually claimable under medical insurance.


If you are insured with AXA-PPP or BUPA the full cost of your injections is unlikely to be met and you may therefore incur a shortfall, for which you will be responsible. This situation is as a result of AXA-PPP and BUPA contributing considerably less towards your treatment than is the cost. If any other insurance company covers you, this may not affect you, as other than standard policy excess, insurance contributions should usually cover the cost of the treatment. Please note that it is your responsibility to check the level of your cover and ensure that you are able to pay any shortfall.


All patients seeking continuing treatment with one of our Consultants must be reviewed by them at least every three months (in person or by telephone) and must be seen in person at least once every six months. Please plan for this when requesting repeat prescriptions, as they will not be issued if you have not been seen in more than three months.


For patients wanting to book TPIs at the time of booking an initial consultation:
Please note that the administering of trigger point injections will be subject to the Consultant’s assessment at your initial consultation. Should you wish to book in for trigger point injections at the time of booking your initial consultation, you may do so, but until the Consultant has clinically assessed your suitability, this is provisional only. Otherwise it is standard clinic practice to book your initial assessment, following which, treatment options will be recommended and scheduled afterwards.


Laboratory Tests: It may be possible that your GP will run the tests listed below. If this is the case, please bring the results to your first consultation or at the very latest, to your second consultation. Some patients will not need all the tests, while others may require additional tests. Please do not worry as all tests can be performed at The Doctors Laboratory. The costs are detailed below.


Anaemia Profile includes: FBC + ESR, Iron, Ferritin, B12 and Folate (RBC) £113
Creatinine, Urea & Electrolytes   £34
TSH   £34
Liver function tests (LFTs)   £34
  Total for all tests £215
  Plus £29 charge for bloods processing  


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