Solving The “Mystery” Of Fibromyalgia

The term fibromyalgia sometimes brings about feelings of confusion. Often referred to as the “mystery” disease – fibromyalgia is unfortunately widely misunderstood by many of us – leading those who suffer to feel confused and maybe unsure of where to turn.

While it’s true that we know less about fibromyalgia than some other diseases, there have been many thorough studies that have finally shed some light on our “mysterious” pain. Most agree that the pain of fibromyalgia stems from a disordered nervous system. In other words, the entire nervous system is functioning improperly, causing randomly moving pain throughout the body.

All pain involves your nerves. However, with fibromyalgia, nerves send excess pain messages back to your brain, making typically mild painful sensations feel much worse. The brain then responds in excess, putting the body into a sort of hyperdrive.

While there are still many unknowns about fibromyalgia, it is more important to focus on what we do know. Research is continually developing, and there are new insights into this “mystery” disease every year. A diagnosis of fibromyalgia may mean challenges ahead – but here at The Fibro Clinic, we know there are tested measures you can take to help make for a fulfilled and meaningful life.

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