Can Men Be Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia?

As any Pain Doctor will tell you: “Fibromyalgia is a disorder marked by widespread pain in the muscles and bones, sleep problems, fatigue, and mood disorders. It is believed that it may affect many more women than men, but when men have the disorder, they may experience unique problems. Due to the leaning towards fibromyalgia as predominantly a female condition, it may be harder for men to receive a fibromyalgia diagnosis” [1], and this is why The London Fibro Clinic is renowned for stepping up to fill this unacceptable void

The Low-Down on the Main Fibromyalgia Symptoms

The spectrum of fibromyalgia symptoms in men (and those assigned male at birth), can range anywhere between mild to debilitating. They can vary from one man to another [1], and may include:

• Tenderness and pain
• Fatigue
• Muscle stiffness in the morning
• IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
• Headache
• Brain fog
• Depression [1]

Did You Know?

“Fibromyalgia symptoms may appear differently in men than in women. People have always considered fibromyalgia symptoms to be milder in men than in women. [Yet as Fibromyalgia Consultants are fully aware], in reality, they may be as widespread in both genders, and recent studies indicate that the severity of symptoms may be the same in all people” [1]

Fibromyalgia Risk Factors

Some individuals are more susceptible to contracting fibromyalgia than others. Gender is the prime risk factor, along with:
• A personal history of suffering from rheumatic disease (including lupus)
• A personal history of depressive or mood disorders
• A family history of fibromyalgia involving close relatives [1]

What the Research Says

A research report conducted in 2017, stated that: “men may be less likely to consult a doctor than women, and may feel stigmatized as “wimpy,” “whiney,” or “lazy,” when they complain of fibromyalgia symptoms, such as tiredness and muscle pain.” Furthermore, the fact of the matter is that: “some doctors incorrectly think of fibromyalgia as a “female” condition, and they may be reluctant to diagnose it in men” [1]. Moreover, and very importantly, the author of the aforementioned report, noted that without receiving an accurate diagnosis [such as one from a specialist Fibromyalgia Pain Doctor], any disability claims would be far more difficult to pursue [1].

Fibromyalgia Treatment and Outlook

A Fibro Specialist will provide each and every patient with a Holistic Personalised Treatment Plan. This is likely to include both conventional treatment, and the latest cutting-edge state-of-the-art treatments and therapies. In addition to this, the Fibromyalgia Doctor will also give the patient advice on optimum self-care. When combined, all these elements are likely to ameliorate many of the unwelcome symptoms that are part and parcel of fibromyalgia.

Booking an Online/In-Person Consultation With a Fibro Doctor

Confusingly, the symptoms which are linked to fibromyalgia, may reflect symptoms that pertain to other conditions. Moreover, if the symptoms are not pronounced, it can be difficult to know when to book a consultation with a Fibro Specialist. To that end, the best advice is, if you think that you could have fibromyalgia symptoms, arrange a consultation as soon as possible. – That way, if you do receive a fibromyalgia diagnosis, you will not waste valuable time in which you could be getting started on a Holistic Personalised Treatment Plan.

Diagnosis Criteria

In order to be given a fibromyalgia diagnosis, an individual must have experienced widespread pain for over 3 months. Moreover, the pain should not have any other known medical cause. There are no laboratory tests to diagnose fibromyalgia, however, your Fibro Doctor may arrange blood tests and imaging for the purpose of eliminating other possible causes [1].


[1]. Fletcher, J. (2018). “What to know about fibromyalgia in men.” Medical News Today.

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