The advice I was given has turned my life around | P.B.

I had suffered upper body pain in my shoulders, neck and arms for nearly five years. Despite attending my local GP who sent me for several tests and investigations I was not diagnosed with anything that would cause such pain, in fact I was told by one doctor that the pain was all in my head.

I had become pretty desperate to find some relief from the constant pain which was affecting my everyday life and mental health. I decided to seek help from a pain specialist. Although I live in Scotland I decided to visit Dr Jenner’s clinic after looking online.

I visited Dr Jenner who diagnosed fibromyalgia within a matter of minutes into the consultation.  He prescribed Pregabalin and suggested I see Maxine for physiotherapy. The advice I was given by both of these people has turned my life around and allowed me to live life free of pain. Thank you for your professional service and helpful staff. I can certainly recommend this clinic to anyone who needs help to ease their pain.

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