Growth Hormones & Fibromyalgia

People who suffer from fibromyalgia may also suffer from a lack of growth hormone – but what does this mean?

Growth hormones are actually vital for repairing and restoring damage that occurs to our muscles and tissues. If there is a lack of growth hormone, repairs may be neglected, and grow over time – causing undue discomfort and added pain. Imagine driving a car for several years without ever changing the oil or servicing it – the car wouldn’t be in very good condition. This is similar to what happens to our bodies when we have a lack of growth hormone.

So what causes growth hormones to be low in fibromyalgia patients? While there are several theories, it is believed that around 80% of growth hormone is released during a sleep. However, this stage of sleep is often one that is disrupted in fibromyalgia patients.

Another theory involves the hormone somatostatin, whose main role is to inhibit growth hormone release. It is evident that fibromyalgia patients often have higher than normal somatostatin levels, which could explain the low levels of growth hormone present in these patients.

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